Catan, 3D Print, Bluetooth beacons and LED project

Hello, I am Anh and I like making cool stuff

I am currently working on a 3D printed Catan set, I plan to rig up the Tiles wirelessly with bluetooth so they can trigger LED lights when the physical accelerometer dice are rolled. I think dice roll is a fun aspect of a board game and it would be neat-o if we can toggle "fair mode" and "random" mode. All tiles will use diametric 3x6mm magnets. This is a log of my project; pretty much a Captain's Log. I think this project is cool because it introduces me to things I've never done before like soldering, firmware modifying. But it also takes things I am pretty good at like Painting, designing. I think painting is pretty relaxing and soothing. It's nice to be away from the computer and just concentrate visually, and just work with some dexterious skill and what might be a lost art. I think this project will take about 3 months, which I can always go back and keep adding layers and detail to the tiles. Painting in layers throughout the project would be cool if I can keep a neat log of all the progression pictures..

I print with an Ultimaker 2+ Extended. All pictures are taken with a Pixel 2 XL. They are mostly untouched, full-resolution 4k. Clicking the picture will allow you to see it at full resolution.

The Cura files are found Here I claim no fame on the beautiful craftsmanship that Dakanza put together

I handpaint the tiles and this is now mostly my painting gallery (for now). I will keep logging this project including the tech, the code that I write, photos wiring/soldering the lights, working the BLEs, other rando stuff. I will also try to tidy up this site to a "real" site

My work is focused on Bluetooth Low Energy beacon solutions; so I an amazing opportunity to utilize the technology to do this little project while still using some old skills and improving them. It's a pretty good harmony.

Ideally the tile setup (underneath the printed and painted tiles) will look like this Tile schematic

Here's the Github repo. This is largely where I brainstorm/design the technical aspects.

List of things


Style 1

Style 2

Case : Link

Number (Chit) tiles: Link

Game Pieces:

Chinese: Link

Medieval: Link

Future: Link



Microbit (for LED chit display?)




BLE Receiver


Basic guide

stuff for hardware

PCB basics




stuff to check for software






Gamepieces count: