"Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves?"

-The First History Man

Anh Truong

Web Developer, DJ, Adventurer

Modern Renaissance Man

I've built my computers since I was 12, rooting and modding my Android devices since the Droid X 2010, I'm pretty nerdy and creative. I enjoy learning, am fascinated by new things and understanding how they work. My passions are in art, new technology, music, DJing, dancing and video games (Overwatch and Duelyst)

I went to Yorktown High School, was pretty involved Boy Scouts (got Eagle rank), did Tae Kwon Do (black belt) and attended college at Christopher Newport University in Newport News with a major in Business with a focus in Accounting. I also enjoyed breakdancing and was involved in Alpha Kappa Psi. I recently graduated a Web Development Immersive bootcamp from General Assembly. I'd like to say that my web development skills got A LOT better and continuously look to improve! For reference, this was my first website

I am currently focusing on AI Language models. Web Development with AI and Programming is pretty fun and the ability to transform what is in my mind to the internet or for my own uses/enjoyment is quite an amazing ability and feat


Our inability to create is our illiteracy

Only the prepared deserve to be confident

The only worthwhile competitor is who you were yesterday

Memes are the quickest way to someone's heart



  • HTML5


  • JavaScript/jQuery

  • Ruby

  • Ruby on Rails

  • AngularJS

  • ReactJS

  • Phaser

  • Wordpress

  • Java

  • These bars really don't mean anything


  • Photoshop/Pixlr
  • CLI
  • Git
  • VScode editor
  • Google insights
  • ChatGPT


  • Wireframing
  • Responsive design
  • TDD (Rspec, Jasmine, Mocha)
  • OOP
  • SQL(Posgres)
  • myPHP
  • Heroku
  • Google-fu
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This was my final project at General Assembly. Learned and implemented Phaser to make a super cute NyanCat sidescroller shoot em' up game. Currently has a deployed back-end server for AJAX calls to retrieve (GET) top 5 high scores and submit (POST) user scores on GAME OVER. Looking to use more AJAX calls for a dynamic background, mobile support (touchscreen support) and adding more features!

Use arrow keys to move and dodge, spacebar to fire lasers (pewpew) and the rainbow-tail also eliminates enemies! Enemies spawn faster and move faster as time goes on, aim for the new high score!



So you're at a party, function or roadtrip but everyone wants to play their song and fighting over the Aux cord? Easy solution, OneAux works with Spotify to provide a dynamic playlist that the 'host' creates and users can join the playlist, add songs from Spotify and then vote songs up and down to arrange the playlist order Technologies used were Spotify API, OneAuxAPI(ours), Spotify Angular Helper, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails backend. This was our Group project at General Assembly. Had the pleasure of working with James Graham and Tyson Greene.



Browse reddit in a new and new fun (lazy) way.

Uses random AJAX calls from jsons on Reddit to display meaningful,
thought-provoking quotes on beautiful backgrounds and landscapes.

Did you know you can turn any subreddit into a json by adding ".json" at the end?

Recently published it on Chrome Web store (free) as an Extension to replace your new tab


War card game

First project at General Assembly. Learned how to deal cards randomly (effectively) and create objects in Javascript and associate them with their respective image. Cleverly utilized this trick again when the War event triggers :)

To play, simply click on the single blue or red card.

Disclaimer: There is audio, do not play at max volume!



Learned how to use the Instagram API and put it on a image carousel; Using Slick.js. I use this to show others what I can do to help their photo galleries (for artist, hair stylist, singers)

In the future, I plan to have this working on three.js :)



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